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Octo P7C-1 Prototype Launching January 29th!

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OCTO: the next generation is physical!

You've experienced the revolutionary potential of digital, can you imagine the enormous social, cultural and economic impact of global vacuum-speed delivery of physical materials?

The power of tangibility.

Food from mom's kitchen delivered globally in minutes. Vital medical supplies whisked across the city or across the country. OCTO brings the world into physical contact.

Patenting opportunities galore!

Our investors get privileged access to the bleeding edge information on OCTO technology, allowing for incomparable advantage getting vital OCTO-ready products patented and out on the market.

Exactly the right fit for your home or office.

OCTO end-stations are completely customizable to fit with any decor or design. Capturing the imagination of designers across the world, the worlds top brands are designing for OCTO!


Octo P7C-1 Prototype Launching January 29th!

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